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"When the collective climate we co-create supports our true self-expression, fulfillment and joy results." 

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Spiritual Diversity In Education

Author and Creative Director of "Spiritual Diversity In Education", Deborah Robin Mech, explains the necessity of reaching, and then teaching the Whole-Child, including the conversation of Spirituality and it's diversity in the public schools.  

The implementation of Deborah's program "Spiritual Diversity In Education", developed and established in 1994, is a Best Practices educational service that is needed now more than ever during these tumultuous times.  

A renowned educator specializing in Intraspective Studies, Deborah provides a provocative and compelling argument for inclusion in the schools.

Education Is Special!

"Education Is Special!" is an inquiry into Life=Long Learning Practices and Whole-Child / Whole-Person Pedagogy. 

In this column we explore what it means to be a life-long learner, not so much in the traditional sense of learning and academic education, the "A, B, C's" as I like to call it. 

The focus is mainly introspective, within ourselves, and then in turn, introspective, as we relate and interact with others. 

What does it mean to be a spiritual being in a human body? As a human-being, are we being ourselves in our highest form?

What is our capacity for growth and self-discovery? To what degree do we feel safe in disclosure of this self to those around us, or not?

Thus the inquiry begins. An ancient Egyptian philosophy stipulates that "As Above, so Below". To that tenant we remember to add, "As Within, So Without", meaning that what we experience in our inner world, the world of self, also appears in the outer world, the world of form. 

And then, of course, we have the in-between; the world of the unseen that moves between the inner self and the outer manifestations. The Spirit that has Us!

This Divine Force from Source is all-ways urging and encouraging our spiritual natures to blossom and bloom and to follow the urging of our soul's expression as unique individual beings, each connected to the Diverse Whole. 

If we are honoring our spiritual natures, we are seeking unity - within ourselves, and within our individual cultures. 

If we are honoring our spiritual natures, we are also striving to express our authentic unique personalities, and the celebration of our individual and cultural diversities.

Each aspect of a human-being, or being human, serves to address the whole person. Are we not here to move from the Hole, to the Whole, to the Holy? 

Are we not here to help each other move from our own individual Adversity and the Hole in our Soul, into a Celebration of Humanity and Diversity and Being a part of the Whole, and then Beyond as we rise to the highest concept of Unity with a meaningful and Holy Reverent Connection with All of Life?

"Holy" is then, perhaps a secular term, not owned by any culture or religion. Are we not all searching for the same thing? To feel and be seen and treated as sacred, revered and valued members of our families and communities? To be fully realized and self-actualized? 

"Holy" then, becomes a state of being in which we honor ourselves in our full individual creative and authentic self-expression, and there is room for All!

As we continue to move from the problem into the solution, let's also continue to inspire and be inspired.  

In-spire.......In Spirit.....

...Celebrating ourselves and each other, as Divine!


URU-Alternative Educational Systems

Check out this great video where Deborah describes some of her innovative Whole-Child Educational Services in: 

"Meet The Experts" 

with Arielle Ford

"Your greatest contribution to humankind is to be sure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student every day learns and grows and feels like a real human being." 

                                                                     (Source Unknown)


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