CEEL - Conscious Education for Empowered Lives

A Curriculum for All Ages!

A collection of life lessons: these lessons can be learned at any stage of human development, as the curriculum can be adapted for presentation to all age groups.

The curriculum is also universal as the lessons and activities explore the basic nature of what it means to be human.

To span the time of humanity: collected wisdom from the past, the creative wisdom of the present, and the developing wisdom for the future....what it is to be human, and thus, for All the Ages of Time. 

CEEL is a cyclical, as opposed to linear, style of educating and  focuses on the less measurable areas of growth. It explores the deeply personal intrinsic experiences an individual has, and helps to guide the development of such in ways to empower each person to further know themselves well, and to be well.


"Life-long learners, both big and small, gather round to heed the call.

Now's the time, the time to start, to hear the whisperings of the heart.

Listen softly; know your truth; search for honesty like a sleuth.

Your heart's desire knows you well and when you follow, your spirit does swell.

Not with pride from ego mind, but joy does spring from the freedom inside.

Act as who you were meant to be, let others witness who they would see.

When we know, and live our truth, peace comes to mind and our life is proof.

Honesty is authenticity, both in and out; what we teach by example we learn throughout.

Life-long wisdom we hold inside, and as it comes forth we open, not hide!

Like a river that flows, so freely, unbound, we have Heaven on Earth; ourselves we have found!

Life-long learners, authentic to self, the purest way to keep our health.

Wealth of being, a treasure of gold, is here for us now, both the young and the old."