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created and provided by Deborah Robin Mech M.Ed., M.S., CCH, CSC


Formally established in 1998, URU, Universal Resources Unlimited, symbolizes Deborah's philosophy and belief that we all have potential for unlimited growth and development, and have access to universal resources which will allow us to become our unique and authentic selves, the quintessential U!


When the collective climate we co-create supports our true self-expression, fulfillment and joy results.


URU services, trainings, and products are designed to identify and encourage us all to find and live our dreams.


"Living the life we love, and loving the life we live."

Human Development


Professional Growth



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"The spiritual nature of a human being is by far the most invisible part of the whole.  To have an educational system where everyone is truly seen and every voice heard, we must include the topic of

Spiritual Diversity."


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Is an inquiry into Life Practices and Pedagogy. In this column we explore what it means to be a life-long learner, not so much in the traditional sense of learning and academic education, the "A, B, C's" as I like to call it.


World-Bridger Entertainment and Productions offers a variety of music, written publications, and other media tools that are designed to assist the individual and collective conscious in our leap into the New Paradigm and the New World.


URU Hypnotherapy Network

offers a variety of services and techniques to empower individuals wishing to make changes in their lives.

Is a collection of life lessons. These lessons can be learned at any stage of human development, as the curriculum can be adapted for presentation to all age groups.


provides consultation to parents, educators, families, and students of all ages.

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SPIRITUAL DIVERSITY IN EDUCATION Conscious Education for Empowered Lives
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