By unknown, Sep 19 2016 10:22PM

What a concept!

While spirituality and being spiritual means many different things unique to each individual, we can all ask ourselves about our personal means of spiritual nourishment in order to ensure abundance of this life-source.

How do you nurture your sweet sacred-self?

Is it a walk in nature? Resting in a favorite place in your home? A visit or time spent with a loved one? Cuddling a beloved pet? A quiet mind-full meditation?

However you chose to nurture your spirit and tend to your soul essence, be generous!

Re-generate yourself frequently by giving yourself the TLC (Totally Lavish Compassion!) that you need to feel refreshed, and please know that self-care is the greatest gift you can give to those around you too!

Who can argue with the adage from the airlines in terms of our goes for our spiritual natures too:

"Put your airmask on first, and then help those around you!"

Love, Deborah

By unknown, Jul 26 2016 03:02PM

and the New Paradigm shift to....LIGHT-SPEED WORKERS!

We ourselves have accelerated, as with All else, and now with Time, do our Work/Play in the new Speed of Light!

And of course, and especially when we rememeber to utilize the 'p' in Speed for Play, we are LIGHT-SEED-Workers too!

SEEDING the Light of LOVE into the New Reality for ALL TIME and SPACE.....

Much LOVE to US All!!


By unknown, Jun 23 2016 03:27PM

Congratulations to the graduating class of 6-22-16! You have now completed the Level 1 training of the Spiritual Diversity In Education program!

It was an honor to be with you yesterday, and to share in all the learning and transformation that we achieved absolute thrill to present you with the Certificate of Participation!

One of (the many!) amazing things we discussed yesterday was Forgiveness, and the nuances of. I would like to share with you a special Prayer of Forgiveness that I use (quite frequently, being perfectly-imperfect, as Pia Melody says!).

I use this statement that was given to me by the Divine to help alleviate the suffering I create for myself when I have regret for any actions I have taken out of alignment and integrity with the way I truly desire to live and be, and when I desire to make amends on a deep literal level that also addresses any repurcussions I may not be aware of.

So here goes...(feeling quite vulnerable my friends!):

"Please erase the effects of the mistakes I have made, in All directions of Time and Space, and concerning Everything and Everyone involved, Now, And. Protection Around My Prayer...."

By unknown, Nov 23 2015 08:05PM

Welcome back to the new school year (for most schools) and helllo again to those who have already been in session!

As many of you know, there are several different modalities for learning or types of learners and it is good to keep this in mind for all students, parents and teachers.

The three predominant ways we learn are through a combination of the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic senses, often times with one or more being the strongest in each individual.

Knowing this about yourself, your student(s) and even your teacher's favorite modality is extremely helpful.

By unknown, Nov 23 2015 07:41PM

Some of you know me, most of you do not, so I will start out with my own disclosures as an introduction, a model, an example, there-by truly being "URU", or in this case, Me Being Me (which really is what it's all about: the you, the me, the we.)

For those of you who do know me, you already understand that just my presence on-line is a giant step for this womankind in and of itself, and the further exposure by unveiling my thoughts and beliefs, and telling my story to the world is a making-myself walk-my-talk exercise in authenticity and in practicing what I preach.

In fact I have many stories to tell and they intertwine and weave in and out through time. Teaching in a cyclical oceanianic fashion, as opposed to linear, has been both a source of delight and enlightenment to my students of all ages.

One young man, a very enlightened teenager in my classroom many years ago, described this to his peers who were new to this then-unique (for them) approach and still-unusual subject matter (even for me at times), by saying "don't worry, she takes us around and around and out there, and she will bring us back to the point where it all makes sense and expands our way of thinking".

My way of thinking was expanded in that moment as I had not been cognizant of the fact that I was doing anything out of the ordinary! As I am describing this revalationary moment that just now spontaneously popped up from the past and I glance back to my notes for the story and subject I planned to write today (remembering the tile above!), I am aware that the theme of 'not being aware of being other than ordinary' is one that traverses my life from an early age to the present, and I'm sure beyond!

Looking back now, I can see that I always was a bit different and that I certainly felt different, like I didn't really belong; my insides did not match the outside world that I lived in. And as a child (or an adult!) when we feel like that we suffer.

In my capacity as an Education Specialist and Educational Consultant, when working with parents I remind them that when children feel this way they usually think that they are the ones who are wrong! "What's wrong with me?" "Why don't I fit in?", they ask themselves, usually silently, keeping their confusion and pain to themselves.

Through conversation and using tools specific to their needs, self-discovery and recovery begins. This is true with clients of any age, as I often work with adults too, helping them to heal from spiritual and psychic wounds left over from the past. The self-awareness and self-concept of the person begins to be realigned with who they really are, and their gifts and perception of themselves is redefined. They begin to re-claim their sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and to truly honor what they uniquely bring to this world.

Now, back to the story. The story of the bizarre and normal and normal bizarre began in the classroom, the same classroom in fact where "Spiritual Diversity in Education" was born (but that's another story for another time).

By unknown, Jul 2 2014 04:09AM

Hello All! I know it has been far too long since my last post. I have been having a great time teaching the "Spiritual Diversity In Education" curriculum and activities to parents and students at my school....have also started a 'Meditation and Guided Relaxation' group on Tuesdays at school over the summer....and am hosting a "Harmony for Humanity" concert in October. I look forward to sharing more information as we go along, and welcome any questions you may have about these or other educational components.

With Love and Light I Am Truly Yours,

Deb :)

By unknown, Jun 10 2013 01:35PM

To my Teaching Parents,

I have been thinking about this for a while; knowing how hard my teaching parents have worked assisting, encouraging, cajoling, pleading, and doing homework with (and sometimes for!) my students, their child, to have finally made it to this point in the life of schooling: Graduation!

I have created a "Diploma For Parents", an actual "Certificate Of Completion" for their hard work, diligent and continuous effort, dedication (sometimes in the face of despair!), blood (well, hopefully not!), sweat and tears (probably so!) to get their child through school to graduation.

As we have been praising our Seniors and I see the look of pride, relief and joy on the face of my parents, I say "Job well done!"

Getting a phone call the other day from a mom and her son..."We did it!! He earned his final credits today for his diploma!" I felt elation and a surge of joy and gratitude. I know how hard they had both worked to achieve this goal, this prize.

So, in honor of my teaching parents, and with love to my graduating students, a heartfelt and hearty CONGRATULATIONS!.........and with deep gratitude to you moms and dads, on behalf of the Parents As Teachers Institute, URU Alternative Educational Systems, I present you with your very own "Diploma For Parent!" as a "Certificate Of Completion" for all that you have done.



By unknown, Apr 13 2013 03:33AM

One interesting and fun technique utilized in education is Music Therapy. Music Therapy has many uses and forms. One particular component focuses on the use of the voice as the instrument for therapy and healing. This is also known as Sound Therapy or Sound Healing.

Children and adults of all ages can be taught how to use their own voice for many therapeutic outcomes including better focus, relaxation, balancing and sharpening of strength and skills.

This weekend, April 12-13, 2013, the basics of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing will be one of the featured presentations during the Healthy Living Festival at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, located in San Diego County, California.

If you happen to be in the area, stop by to say hello!

Also look for Wayne Perry, author of "Sound Medicine", to find this exciting event and learn more about this field.

For more information see the" My Calendar" page and click on April 12 or 13th.

By unknown, Oct 23 2012 03:51AM

A hearty "Welcome back to All!" in this new school year, 2012-2013, and now that we are well into October it's time to take a deep breath and reflect on what we have learned so far.

In this cloumn, "Education Is Special!" I will be sharing tips and topics hot off the press as they say, since they will come straight from the classrooms and schools to you.

Hot Tip for Doodlers, Draw-ers, and Artists:

Notetaking in class can be difficult for some learners when visual and auditory information is flying fast and furious. It also can be difficult for the teacher, who has to determine who is paying attention and is the lesson beng learned.

Many students who doodle or draw are actually able to get the concepts and information by listening even though their heads are down and the artist is at work. One way to let the teacher know that you are able to listen, doodle and learn the lesson, is to doodle or draw pictures and designs that relate specifically to what is being taught!

For example, in Chemistry class doodle or draw the scientific notations being described in a way that is accurate and creative, and when the teacher does the quick-glance-scan around the room, he or she can see that your doodles or drawings are on topic and that you are indeed paying attention.

This technique will work in other classes such as Math, and also in History or Social Science too! Draw or doodle a creative design of the historic dates to be learned, or pictures of the customs of other cultures you are learning about in class.

I know there are many more examples that you can now find in all your classes, and remember, please do look up from your paper every now and then to have eye contact with your teacher: we really like it when you give us a smile with your eyes!


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"Deb has many, many,many, years of wonderful experience working with all kinds of kids, the most difficult populations of kids and gifted populations of kids, and she has a way of zeroing right into that child, and seeing who thry truly are, and their gifts and their essence that the average person doesn't see, often even the parents can't see , or comprehend, or quite know what to do with. She has a way of being with them, and feeling them, and seeing them, so that they respond in a way that works for everybody much more usefully. Deborah helps the kids feel safe, like, "Oh! Somebody sees me! it's ok to be me!" and then everybody can relax more into just the reality, the reality of all these special new kids that we need to be able to understand and use their gifts!"


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"Deborah is an expert in seeing kids' spiritual natures and special gifts. She's an Educational Specialist who is especially gifted herself, working with children that a lot of people don't understand or don't really see clearly. Deborah is a able to see the truth of who they are, the beauty of who they are, the gifts of who they are, and then help the parents, the family, and the teachers to do the same."

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